Niño Family Happenings

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Hola compadres! Yes I know....been almost 2 months since my last entry. I did go to confession for not blogging and Msgr Fater gave me 50 Hail Mary's and about 100 Our Father's and also told me to wash his car and Craig's car. I am.. back for 2007 journal writing.

Today Paul and I watched President Ford's funeral service. Sad, but a nice service indeed. The music always make me cry and even though Paul may not know what I was saying--I was telling all about Pres Ford and we told him we were sorry MI lost in the Rose Bowl. At least they could have won for him. Next time we visit Crystal Mountain Resort in MI--Mom and Wayne will take us to Grand Rapids so we can see his burial site. Being a former History teacher, I must write that the pardon he gave to Nixon was the right thing. We all know it cost him the election in 1976...... The media sure did show Betty a lot during the service. She is a strong woman and remarkable person. I only hope to be a strong woman like her when I grow up.

To recap--Mom and Wayne came for Thanksgiving. We had a grand time. Paul really enjoyed playing with Grandad...especially reading books and going thru flashcards. I made a full mean, but cheated a little with the turkey. Picked up a Fried Turkey from Acadiana and only had to heat it up a little and baste it. It all turned out well. Made 2 pies....pumpkin and a choc, caramel pecan pie for my honey. They went to Denver from here for a week. Returned to SA for a couple of days--but Wayne was sick so we laid low.

Went to Houston/Friendswood the weekend of Dec 9-10 to visit Danny's family. We had a nice time and I think the cousins were happy to see Paul. Danny and Chris went to the Texans fb game on Sunday---really to see Vince Young (UT grad) and the Titans....and wouldn't you know..Vince Young ran for a TD and beat Houston in OT. At least I think it was OT--or at least the very end of the game. Houston SHOULD have drafted Vince..BIG Julia Roberts says to the snotty sales gals in PRETTY she shows them all her purchases from other stores!

GNO gathering at Maile's house in Dec. Our husbands were all quite nice to allow us to gather without them for some girlie time. Good food..good drinks and loads of laughs. Bob made an appearance...Tort Tort was the lucky one who got to take him home. He may show up again next year! We played TABOO....2 team was myself, Maile, Courtney and Tina.....losing team was Kristy, Pam, Andrea and Judy. Score was something like 26-8. Judy is kinda myself..but I think worse. Pam was trying to get her team to say LIP she was dancing and lip syncing to a song being heard on the radio. Well, Judy about lost it..I watched her get madder and madder..until she said..."are we playing a game here or what?" I guess you had to be there..Pam WAS playing......silly Judy..... I thought Tina was going to bust a vein...she was laughing so hard..cause she knew what Pam was doing! :-) While I understand it was kinda mello compared to other Christmas GIRLS parties..I had a great time! Thanks to Maile for hosting and all the other lovely ladies for a memorable evening!

I must go now..but have lots to write about Paul over the past 2 months and Christmas and Hew Years. So check back soon for more exciting info...or not.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alone Time

Happy Tuesday! Paul is at Mothers Day Out until 2:30 today so I am running errands, writing and mailing Thanksgiving cards to my family and making my appt for my first mammogram!

Many people know that Paul has been biting other children lately. He seems to do it when he is tired, excited, mad and frustrated. Frustrtaing for us and others who care for him b/c we are all doing what we can to let him know that biting is not a good thing and that he needs to STOP IT!
My friend Jena gave me some holy water from the grotto in Lourdes, France. So, this morning before we left for school--I sprinkled some on him! Let's see if it helps! I pick him up at 2:30 this afternoon.

Danny's Mom was here last week for a few days and we all had a nice visit. I think she especially enjoyed being around Master Paul. He is fun! One not so great part of this past weekend...Texas lost to KState and therefore, no national championship this year! Ohio State (BOO) and Michigan play this weekend. #1 and #2....M GO BLUE!!!!

Paul now says bye bye with a southern accent--pretty cute really. And he has started running around the house. Fine by me--hopefully he will wear himself out and sleep longer!!

I know several women are are pregnant. I ask God for special prayers to keep them and their unborn babies healthy and safe. Sylvia, Rhonda, Kamron, Tracie, Nikki and Tonie. Another friend from church just became a Grandmother. JoAnne now has a grandaughter--Addison Isabelle. JoAnne travels to Ohio tomorrow for over a week to be with her daughter and Addie Belle. Praise God!! Safe travels for her..... And praise God also for my friend Theresa's biopsy results. She had a very serious type of thyroid cancer 8 years ago and thought it might be back..but NOPE! She is going through Stephen Ministry training with me. She was my prayer partner for the ACTS retreat we had in April. I know God brought us together for a special reason. She is a super Godly woman! And I ask for prayers for people I know job hunting. Danny and I know how difficult it can be. For Tom, Todd, Todd, Diane and many others...I ask God to be with them, keep them focused and hopeful. Allow them to do your will.

Ok, time to put some things away around here. I have to leave in about 80 min to go get my munchkin. Have a super week....if anyone reads this.....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Longhorns win! Or at least they are about to win so Danny is happy tonight. And I know all of you are dying to know if KU football won today..yes. They wallouped Iowa State 41-10 in Ames.
And the KU basketball team is ranked 3rd in the country--this is what I have been waiting bb baby!

Many of you know that Paul has had numerous ear infections. For the past few weeks his right ear has been bad and won't seem to clear up. Dr. T of course wants tubes for the lad. And I believe we will do it sometime this month or early Dec. Hopefully, tubes will help my little boy as we will enter cedar season next month and he is allergic to cedar. We found that out last Jan when he had that $2000 blood test! Paul has also had a lot of congestion. We cannot seem to find a medicine that really helps elminate and or prevent this. UGH! So, back to the dr we went this week. Appt was 4:20 on Thurs. Dr. T is very popular and I know it was late in the day. So, Paul and I made it back to the car around 6:15. And not only is his right ear still infected..has bronchitis. So...get out the nebulizer! He is a real trooper though with the breathing treatments--every 3/4 hours.

On a pos note--Paul is so much fun. The words (I think) he says...are Dadda, sit, share, hi, bye (with a southern accent), milk, book, ball, yes, SuuuSan, pease and "NO Mama---please don't spray that saline stuff up my nose and then suck out all my snot!"

My Mom just asked me if having a 16 month old...almost 17 months--makes me miss having a baby...and I can honestly say no. Cause while I love little babies....many of you know how silly I am and how much I love to play with it's been great the past few months with Paul cause he is so mobile and he too LOVES to play and is very active. But I can see that maybe when he is 3 or 4--I might miss the ages of 13 months - 18/20 months. Who knows.... And we have not decided whether Paul will have another sibling. I mean he already has a sister..Miss Oreo Marie Niño...who by the way has a birthday the end of this month..Nov 30---she will be 3 years old...21 in dog to drink wine and beer legally!

One last note before I head to bed...cause oh by the way--I am sick too. Spent over 2 hours last night at the Med Clinic..only for the lovely Dr. Potter to tell me she was concerned about my high fever and did I have someone with me to drive me home..UH NO. Anyway--severe sinus infection ....have amoxicillian and she gave me samples of a really strong decongest. Good stuff!

So--getting back to the final note. GNO on Wed night--it is every Wed night, but I don't usually go every Wed..maybe 2-3 times a month. :-) Courtney, Michelle, Judy, Maile, Tina and myself went to this new wine bar in The Quarry. Some place called 20 Nine...I think. Anyway, they have food too..decent I guess. Courtney and I enjoyed the flat bread pizza and our salads. But here is the kicker......They offer samples of wine....but they do charge you..even if u don't and will not drink one of them..right girls?! So, I ordered 3 samples of Pinot Noir. Then I picked the one I liked the most (surprisingly from CA) and ordered a glass. Did not really think to much is the glass? I was thinking $10 or so. When the bill came...$19 for the GLASS. However, Judy went and got the wine menu and it listed for $17...whew.....$2 less. I am saved!!! The wine cost more than my food. Oh and I owe Courtney something like $7!!
THEN----we all went across the street to my old stomping grounds---Stonewerks. We were going to sit outside by the fire--but a couple of the girls were rather cold. It was a chilly and very windy night in SA! So--inside we went. Chris Anne was our server. More drinks were ordered and of course Ms. Court ordered dessert! We chatted and laughed and laughed and laughed. I tell you--these gals are so sweet and so much fun to be with. I feel so honored that Tina introduced me to them and brought me in to GNO. Thank you Tina! You and the girls are such blessings to me. There is so much I want to share about this night..but I am so thirsty and tired and the bed is calling my name. I may have to finish the story tomorrow....

But before I go have to know....we closed the place. This seems to happen a lot to us on Wed night no matter where we go. Chairs go on top of the tables..the staff is sitting down eating and or drinking and the lights are off in one part of the restaurant. I had picked up Tina so naturally--I had to take her home. I believe when I got home it was 1:30am. Had to email Maile and Tina..and to my surprise..Tina was not online...but Maile was! And 6:00AM came oh so fast!!

More on GNO and some other things about Paul tomorrow...... Adios people!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy All Saints Day!

We had a fun time last night with Pablo from The Backyadigans. We went to Chic Mama where Maile took Paul's picture with some cute pumpkins. Then on to Jena and Philip's house for Halloween treats, drinks, and games for the kids. Terrence, Rhonda and Caroline came too! Then we went to about 8 houses for trick or treating..than back home to visit about 3 neighbors. Paul was wiped out from a long day of school and fun.

This morning Paul and I got up, got ready and headed to church for CSS. And as we entered the parking lot----nobody was there. The place was dead!!! And so I called the parish office and think I either got John D or Craig K. Silly CSS today! I swear the schedule says class was on. Oh well...back home. Clint is here installing ceiling fans and now taping the bathroom for painting. Paul is napping.... I wonder if someone is going to bring me lunch today.....

Girls Night Out is tonight....7pm! We're trying a new place in The Quarry. Is it 7 yet????!!!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cardinals win the World Series! What a final game! Most of you know I grew up in STL, but did you know I was born in Detroit and lived there for 10 years?! So if the Tigers won--I would have been happy. I went to a few Tiger games in my young days. The "Bird" was the pitcher back in the 70's when I went to the game! Danny and I went to a Cardinal game when we were in STL in August. This is the first season in the new stadium! What a year it has been!

Moving on from football...UT is currently playing TTech and losing. So, Paul is asleep and I needed to escape the wrath of Danny...he is NOT happy right now. But we still have the second half to turn things around. Kansas beat CO that is good I guess.

Danny and I had to take Master Paul into the dr last weekend.....and low and behold.....and I was not surprised..2 ear infections. Poor baby... By Tuesday he acted normal and so he went to Mother's Day Out. But then Wed morning..fever and fussy! Thurs--kinda fussy I guess...Friday--super duper! But was 8:30am and he was still asleep. I went in to make sure he was still breathing. He woke at 9am. I ran some errands and when I got home Danny had a worried look on his face. He said Paul is pretty warm...oh yeah...102.4. Next came the tylenol and snuggle time with Mommy....or as he calls me Dadda or SuuuSan. Fever came down to 100 and he had some energy. Nap at 1...still asleep at 4...woke up shortly after 4....temp was back up 102.4. I called ASK A NURSE....went through all the questions.....she thinks it's a virus and the temp should go away in 2 days. No coughing though and mild runny nose and conjestion. My Mom says Tom and I were always sick as babies and children. Unfortunately, I think Paul inherited those sick genes!

Uh oh..I just heard Danny yell whisper something..and he said a bad word. Not like him at all! I am really afraid now to venture out to the family room. Maybe I'll head to Wal-mart. Yes, I typed Wal-Mart...hate it with a passion, but they may have the pre-lit Christmas tree I would like to purchase.

James and his crew are coming Monday to do some work around our house. Paint our bedroom..taupe color..and fix some wall stuff in the master bath and paint and hang some new ceiling fans I purchased. Maybe once we get the house in shape I will want to stay here and not buy a new house. I do like the location of our home! Ya never know....expecially with me. I tend to change my mind ALL the time when it comes to house stuff.

Please say special prayers for a gal I used to work with at Frost Bank. Robin Willhoite died this past week of a heart attack. She was around 45 and it was sudden. I believe during her sleep. She lost a son a few years back in a drowning accident. Her daughter is probably in college by now...or out of college. Time goes by so fast.

My step-brother and his family are moved out of their home in Scottsdale, AZ and headed to Seattle tomorrow. Brad has a new job with STARBUCKS! Sophia is 3 and a baby boy is arriving in February!

And I just learned that a childhood friend Paul Wosachlo (yes, Polish)..and his wife Kamron are expecting a baby girl the end of January. Hmm..might the name be Susan?! Prob NOT! They live in Boulder, CO. They are realtors and so if anyone in the Denver area needs help....I can give you their numbers! Please say prayers that Kam's last trimester goes well.

Master Paul and I did something really fun Fri morning, but I cannot tell you what it is just yet....only 2 other people know and I hope they keep their mouths shut!!!! :-)

Halloween is a few days away. Paul is going to be PABLO from The Backyardigans. We're going to some friends around 5 for a street parade with the kiddos and games and treats. And around 4 I am taking Paul to CHIC MAMMA for a free photo shoot with my friend Maile. So, look for a picture of Paul in his Pablo costume later in the week.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mid October

Well, the young lad turned 16 months this past Monday. It's amazing how much he has changed the last week. He now walks all over the house--without any assistance. He calls me Suuu SAN ..with the emphasis on the second syllable. He is learning to share and he says "shair".....he plays tug-of-war with our doggie Miss of tonight..he like to boink his forehead on mine.....ever so lightly so far. But, I have a feeling I better watch out!

Today was a lovely day in SA. Sunny, breezy and a mere 71 or so. So, this afternoon we visited a neato park that has baby swings. I put him in and he simply chilled, looked around and sat still for the 30 or so min I pushed him. When I pulled him out----he screamed, cried and oh those tears. Once we got in the car..he was fine. And while we were there ....a gal from my church and her kiddos were also having fun in the park. And 2 of her gal pals too! So I had a nice time visiting and pushing Paul.

Last night was GNO.....GIRLS NIGHT OUT. My friend Tina graciously allowed me to barge in on her friends and hang with them from time to time. Always a nice evening and lots of laughs! Dinner was greek food and AGAIN, we closed the place down. Although--it WAS only 9pm! So we ventured to the next venue....and sat on the patio.....under a fan...cause I was HOT..and it poured down rain, but we were safe! The girls were very sweet to sit outside...inside this place...yuck!!! Smokie, smokie, smokie! They even had ashtrays in the bathroom!!! Unreal!

I talked to my girlfriend Evin tonight. She is married and now lives in a suburb of Louisville. ROCK CHALK girlfriend! It was at her wedding in late Sept/early Oct 2004 when Paul was conceived! Ok, here is a quiz..remember...I taught high school......when you say the capital of it Louieville (silent s) or Louisville? hard I know.......

Well, actually it is pronounced Frankfort! As this is the capital of Kentucky!!!!

Danny is at CFP class tonight---every Thurs. And I forgot to get a sitter for Paul cause I realized today that my MOPS gals were gathering tonight for some Mommy time. Oh well...I had girl time last night I guess......

And my last thing before I go watch Grey's Anatomy......I schedule Paul for his first really professional photo shoot. My friend Maile is going to capture all those moments I see everyday! Next Friday morning! I know he will become her poster boy for toddler photos!

Until we meet again sisters and brothers...... adios

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Tuesday!

Paul is at school today and I am doing lots of different things around the house. It has been a long time since I did any blogging.... And we have rain today in SA. I think the last time I blogged it was also raining..go figure!

Last week at school Paulie bit another little child..sweet Anna. I saw his teeth marks on her arm when I picked him up. Her Mommy was picking her up then too and I apologized and she said..."no biggie..she has 3 older siblings and has been bitten before."---and she said if she were a first time Mom--she might be a little freaked, but she said it's all normal. Ms. Helen said he did not do it in anger...he was playing..or maybe even flirting?!?! So, let's hope when I pick him up today I get a good report.

Big news over the weekend..TEXAS beat Oklahoma! Thank you Lord! Danny and Paul watched it together as I was attending a baby shower at Erin's house--for Ms. Sylvia and baby Drew!
The shower was fun--good food and lots of fun fellowship. Sylvia got lots of neato things! The only thing is I hear after the party--some stayed and wine came out! I missed it!

I purchased Paul's Halloween costume--Pablo from The Backyardigans on Nick Jr. It fits, but if he grows and inch--it won't fit. AND--he needs to walk by himself cause come Halloween night, I am NOT carrying him from house to house. So if he wants any treats, he better do it quick!

Danny is very busy with work, class and studying. He is going for a very special certification called CFP--Certified Financial Planner. The class is every Thurs night for 18 months and he has study group on Tues nights. And he has to study at least 20 hours per week! He has been staying up very late and then getting up early with Paul. We wish Paul would sleep in a little longer...5:30 and 6am is way too dang early!! This is a huge committment for our family, but it will be well worth all the time away and hard work-for all of us!

I need to do some chores around the house now....